Removing stumbling blocks to faith in Christ through education on the scientific and biblical evidence for an ancient creation.

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What participants have said about workshops …


“Fabulous. Clear. Not insulting to our intelligence yet graspable. Appreciated the respectful way you referred to those with whom you do not agree.” — Mary Lavis


“All-in-all this was a wonderful, clear, and thorough presentation that was a blessing.” — N.D. Gray


“I was pleased with the gentle, scriptural, fact based approach with very helpful but technical visual aids … made the complex subject easier to understand.” — Ford H. Cotton, Jr.


“The workshop helped equip me to… read the Scriptures carefully and not to make science and faith enemies. Thank You!” — Katie Devries


“We [seminary students] need this. It equips us to deal with our future congregations.” — R. Woods


“Your commitment to revealing God’s truth and your desire to establish unity really comes through in your presentation.” — Kim Patawaran


“This seminar provided evidence in a humble and distinctively Christian way, that the glory of God may indeed be seen in evolution/old earth. The great hurt that has been caused by this culture war must be healed.” — Justin Fieri